Imperial Diamonds exploits one of the many passive resources people have – hair.

My hair is grown, cut, turned into carbon and then into a diamond. Like Rejuvanix, it shows how something with seemingly no value can be transformed into one of many things with value.

I chose the diamond industry as a first sector to use my hair because of its old and new methods of business practices. Diamonds as symbols of love are a relatively young phenomena, completely created by DeBeers and advertising executives in the 1940’s. Since, there has been much human exploitation, market manipulation and monopolization in the industry. In the newer versions of the industry, companies are turning to lab grown diamonds. Many online, claim to have a unique technique, however, they can all be traced back to one fabricator in Russia.

There are many facets to this industry that are mindboggling and show many accounts of how people have chosen profit or to meet their individual desires at the expense of human value.

Exhibited at the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, the Martin Gropius Bau, Aksioma and Drugo More.

Commercial made with the generous support from the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery for the occasion of the exhibition Neoliberal LULZ.

Produced and edited: Jennifer Lyn Morone