Lure & Repel


Lure & Repel are two perfumes that are biometrically developed to replicate my natural scent.

Smell is one of the most basic forms of identification. Scents are bits of molecular information, signaling various instructions to us. For now, this type of very personal data is not collected and sold in the way that other personal data is, though it carries a lot of information about an individual.

What has become prevalent however, is an emerging trend of "celebrity scents". People, such as Kim Kardashian, have launched perfumes that they sell as either their scent or their preferred scent. Kim's sister, Khloé and her husband Omar, released two unisex fragrances that they advertised as their combined scent.

Lines of inquiry emerge from this industry:

1. What margins of profit and prospects are possible from this type of product to have attracted so many celebrities;

2. What gender roles does this industry perpetuate;

3. How does scent relate to other forms of identifiable information?

Exhibited at the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, the Martin Gropius Bau, Aksioma, Drugo More and for After Facts.

Infomercial made with the generous support from the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery for the occasion of the exhibition Neoliberal LULZ.

Actresses: Rachel Howells and Elise Guy

Directed, produced, edited: Jennifer Lyn Morone

Camera, DA and PA: Ben Peppiat

Sound and Light: Marcel Helmer