Corporations are expected to hold at least one annual board meeting a year and taking ‘meeting minutes’ are a necessary practice of them that gives a descriptive account of what happened rather than a literal one.

In ‘Meeting Minutes’ the board members of JLM Inc convene for their first annual meeting. I attend as the director, treasurer and secretary to illustrate how I have taken on multiple identities in order to reflect the different roles and tasks that must exist to become a corporation, even if only for paperwork.

In the video the three discuss the results of the past year’s data collection, the health of the company, and the director presents three new business proposals. The businesses further exploit the company’s many resources to take advantage of markets that already exist but that are highly manipulated through branding and advertising.

Exhibited at Carroll/Fletcher Gallery and the Martin Gropius Bau

Made with the generous support from the Carroll/Fletcher Gallery and The Peppiat's for the occasion of the exhibition Neoliberal LULZ

Writer, director, producer, editor, camera 1: Jennifer Lyn Morone

Camera 2, DA and PA: Ben Peppiat

Camera 3: Samira Oberberg

Sound and Light: Marcel Helmer

Voice: John Bateman