Embracing Extreme Capitalism
Manual 1
How To Become A Corporation

By Jennifer Lyn Morone, 2016

This manual is the first in the series of Embracing Extreme Capitalism. It is a workbook that begs the reader to question their purpose, values and boundaries while giving insight into how one might look at themselves as the purveyor of many resources.

During the process you will come to think differently about yourself and the capitalist world in which you exist. The book is designed to help you develop an understanding of corporate personhood and the modes of production under Extreme Capitalism (a term loosely used to describe a free-market world). Whether your motives are of self-interest, protection, ownership, or wealth creation - knowing the differences between corporations (legal persons) and humans (natural persons) is a crucial first step towards realising your goals. Once you understand that the two types of people are not created, nor treated equally, opting for corporate personhood might seem like the only viable option.

This manual will provide you with an introduction of what to consider before making the legal jump to corporate life. You will learn how to think like a corporation first and how to form the foundation of the Extreme Capitalist framework, where you must consider how every aspect of your life can and will be deconstructed, compartmentalised and commercialised for existing markets. You will be challenged to think about value and profit in various and novel ways. You will also learn about diversification and growth through asset creation.

By the end of this manual, you should have a better sense of whether corporate life is for you or not and how to take the step if you think it is.